You can create fine art using digital painting tools just as you can with any other medium. It is not the tool or medium that is important but how it is used that determines whether the end result is Fine Art. The exact same concepts of notan design, composition, color harmony, drawing, form, observation, and brushwork all apply in digital medium as well as in traditional media such as oils. If you follow the principles of Visual Music & Poetry and the nine Building Block which you will systematically cover in the Virtual Art Academy Apprentice Program you will find that you can create Fine Art using digital painting tools such as Corel or ArtRage or any other digital tool. 

In fact we have even developed an Add-on Workshop showing how to use ArtRage either to help you develop compositions that you will later paint using traditional media, or to create Fine Artwork in its own right. We have also established a Special Interest Group on our Online Campus that is specifically for those of you who are interested in digital painting and where members who are using digital painting tools can share and discuss their work.

Nearly all of the assignments in the Apprentice Program can be done using digital media. In fact there are several benefits to using digital media, the most important of which is the ability to explore many more compositional ideas in a much shorter timeframe.

So by all means, if you are interested in digital media, you will find the Virtual Art Academy Apprentice Program will help you a great deal to unleash its Fine Art potential.