The Virtual Art Academy is designed to cater to everyone from those who are more casual about their art, to highly motivated painters who want to take their skills to a very high professional level. So you can do just a couple of hours a week to several days, depending on your goals and how much time you have available. There is no set schedule, so you can take as long as you like to complete the lessons.

Serious painters

If you are a serious painter there are two options:

  1. Option 1 (recommended) We recommend you quickly go through the complete four-year program in 2 years. Do the minimum number of repetitions on each assignment. The four year program is 192 lessons, so you should start with doing two lessons per week. There are an average of 2 assignments per lesson.  Each assignment takes between 4 hours (minimum), and 8 hours (more repetitions). We recommend you do the minimum repetitions on the first go around. This works out to 4 assignments per week and 4 hours per assignment. A total of 16 hours per week.
    After your first two years of study, you should come back and do more repetitions of the assignments. This time around, you will have more experience and will have new insights on how to do the assignments. We call this approach the Spiral of Learning™.
  2. Option  2: Spend 4 years doing the 192 lessons at the rate of 1 lesson per week. Since there are an average of 2 assignments per lesson, this means that you do 2 assignments per week on average. You can spend the minimum 4 hours per assignment, or do more repetitions (8 hours per assignment). So that works out to 8 or 16 hours per week.

Hobby painters

It is a good idea to do some regular work on the assignments in the program. If you have the time you could also set a few hours a day, but if you don't have the time, set aside one or two periods a week when you work on the assignments for say two hours. As long as you are working on the assignments you will see steady progress. It is better if you share them to the online campus so you can get interaction and feedback from other students.