Yes you can. You will be able to complete the program even if you have a slow internet connection. 

We suggest you get the Apprentice Pro subscription. With this subscription you will get all the eBooks from our eLibrary delivered to you by email that you can download to use without an internet connection. You can also print them out if you wish. Our eBook library contains all of the information you need to do the four-year course.

The supplemental videos have been structured into small 5 to 10 minutes segments to make them easy to access. You can change the quality from 720p to 240p in order to view them more easily over a slow internet connection. However you may not get the benefit of some of the videos if your internet is really slow. (If you can watch YouTube videos, you will be able to watch our videos.) 

However, the bottom lines is that the course has been structured so that you can still do the program without the videos.