Problem: difficult to type assignments

The iPad is a little difficult to use if you want to write a lot of text.


I recommend you use this procedure:

  1. write the text in the iPad's Notes app
  2. upload the photos of your assignment
  3. copy and paste the text from your notes app to the Online Campus 

Problem: Cannot scroll in the examples area

It is difficult to scrol down to see all the text in one of the text boxes to the right of a picture (in the Say Hello section or an Examples tab).


  1. Look for a gray scroll bar at the far right hand edge of the text box. It is quite thin (but long) and easily overlooked.
  2. Tap further down the text on the right-hand edge of the text box. The scroll bar will move and the text will scroll. Try to tap very lightly so your finger doesn't squash down. If you press hard you will have a problem scrolling.

See the following picture: