If you cannot upload your assignment it is probably because of one of the following reasons:

  1. You are not uploading a .jpg (JPEG) file, but some other kind of file such as a Gimp file.  You can only upload jpeg files (files that have the extension .jpg. So in Gimp for example, you need to export the file to a jpg format before uploading.
    1. In Gimp, Choose File - Export.
    2. In the dialog box, click Select File Type.
    3. Scroll down the list and choose JPEG Image
  2. If the picture file name looks like this: picture.jpeg, change it to look like picture.jpg. (change jpeg to jpg)
  3. Check you have the dot in the right place in your file name. The filename of your picture should look like this: mypicture.jpg
  4. You have included symbols in your filename, for example &, % and #. Please remove them and try to upload the file again.
  5. Quite often the problem the problems is that you have a slow internet connection or that something else is happening on your computer, such as a software update that is slowing down your computer by using up all your internet bandwidth. To check your internet bandwidth speed just google 'broadband speed test'. You will find a lot of tools that will help you work out how fast your download and upload speed is. For example my upload speed is 1Mbps and download speed is 3Mbps.  At that speed uploading images works just fine.
  6. If you have a slow internet, and you are trying to upload a very large picture you may have problems. The solution is to make the image file smaller. Just change the largest dimension to1000 pixels and that will reduce the size of the file. To find out how to do this, google "how to reduce a picture file size".


If your upload speed is 1Mbps it will take:
- 4 seconds to upload a 0.5MB photo (500KB photo)
- 8 seconds to upload a 1MB photo REDUCE THE SIZE OF THE FILE
If your upload speed is 0.5Mbps it will take
- 4 seconds to upload a 0.25MB photo (250KB photo)
- 8 seconds to upload a 0.5MB photo (500KB photo) REDUCE THE SIZE OF THE FILE
-16 seconds to upload a 1MB photo REDUCE THE SIZE OF THE FILE

Note: If you are uploading using an iPad, or you are getting the error message "The file name you submitted already exists on the server" please see our Help topic: